Republic of South Africa is a large country. If you like to see it all within
10-14 days, you have to count on „time race", thousands of kilometres
and big tiredness


Therefore we recommend you to choose three destinations at the most,
 in each of which you would spend 4-5 days with just one unpacking
and packing

           ALL STAYS - are provided

       either in luxurious boarding houses in urban areas or comfortable hunting farms or guest houses farther from civilization, surrounded by magic African nature. All equipments meet the needs of both the most demanding hunting and touristic clients

Types of stays
hunting, expolring and combined


     all inclusive form of stays (accommodation, full board, when eating
in restaurants and hotels standard meals are offered, soft beverages, beer - in unlimited quantity, excellent African wines in limited quantity)

     all ground transportation during your stay
     washing and ironing clothes service

     professional guide´s and hunter´s services

     entry fees into national and private parks, museums, etc. in South Africa

for hunters: field taxidermy of trophies: trophies treatment (hides salting and sculls bleaching), packing, transport of trophies to the airport

     CITES export permit for rare game and deer species shot by a client

     Air transportation of trophies from South Africa to the country of destination

     Spirits and liqueurs

     Expenses for telephone calls, faxes and Internet which are ensured by our travel agency during your stay

     Health insurance

Jan Velík Velma - Travel Agency does not conclude  individual travel insurance with their clients
when traveling abroad



visitor from the Czech Republic must have a passport, which expires not earlier than six months after the date of planned departure from the holiday country and has at least two pages blank


     South African stays do not require any special vaccinations. Before visiting some areas
near the Mozambican and Zimbabwean borders, it is necessary to be protected against malaria. Malaria area also includes the Kruger National Park. If the date of your holiday falls on the summer months of December and January, antimalarial treatment is recommended

     Hepatitis B vaccination is also advised

       South Africa is a country with the most advanced health care. There is, however, no agreement on free health care between the Czech Republic and South Africa and therefore it is advised to take out individual travel insurance



clothing made of light materials in natural colors

     long and short pants, long and short sleeved shirts, sweater, jacket, hat, ankle boots, sneakers, slippers

     Protective suntaning creams, sunglasses, toiletries, personal medication, camera (larger pixels), video camera

     Hunters should not forget binoculars,cartridge belt holster or shooting vest, flashlight, pocket knife. Also gloves and warm hat may come in handy during early morning or late night hunting


     Countries below the equator are located in the southern hemisphere. Therefore, seasons there are reversed than in the northern hemisphere

     Local time is identical with daylight saving time in the Czech Republic

     June, July and August are winter months in South Africa with night temperatures up to -8 °C in some provinces. On the contrary, in December or January you might be surprised with extreme heats

     Maritime climate is always pleasant and inlands have very low humidity
(area  Northem Cape)

 January      32,5

    July              18,5

    February     31,0

    August          21,8

    March         28,4

    September     24,6

  April           25,3

    October         28,3

 May            21,2

    November      29,9

 June           18,6

    December      31,7

One of our most important destinations is Loskop farm, located in the Northern Cape Province

Modderrivier - the town (on the map) about  half a hour from towards Kimberley from the farm Loskop                

     Located in the Northern Cape area, which is the largest South African province. Its capital is the diamond city of Kimberley. Our hunting ranch is located 75 km from this famous city. It is equipped with all possible comfort:

     Meeting room with bar, TV set, mini HI-FI, etc.

     You are served excellent African wines

     Outdoor facilities include fireplace with barbeque and swimming pool

     Professional guides, cars, etc. are at your disposal

     Our excellent cuisine is ready to meet your specific demands

     In the place you can also find a small slaughterhouse equipped for trophies treatment, venison storage, leather processing and taxidermy



Jeffrey's Bay

     destination located in the Eastern Cape Province, also very popular among our clients . Accommodation is provided approximately 80 km west of Port Elizabeth in the houses right on the shores of the Indian Ocean near large sandy beaches. This area offers an ideal holiday both for men- hunters and their women partners.There are many national and private parks in the surroundings, where you can photograph wildlife at close quarters


Several other interesting tourist and hunting destinations offered by our travel agency


     semidry sandy savanna, one of South African gems. Magic place, the charm of which you will feel long after leaving the country. Located in the territory of three states: Botswana, Namibia and South Africa

     city founded in 1884, located in Northern Cape Province on the Orange river bank. The largest vinyards area, famous for its production of raisins, wines and, of course, grapes. Covers around 40% of South African export of grapes. One of the warmest regions in the country
Augrabies Falls National Park

     another unforgettable place – amazing thundering waterfalls rushing down over rocky cliffs. Waterfalls on the river Orange, home of numerous animal species. This breathtaking scenery is found only about 4,5 hours´drive from LOSKOP farm

     large wastelands with magic atmoshpere. It occupies almost one third of total South African area. With the Orange river flowing through, well-known sheep breeding area. Outlying, peaceful but very impressive region. Geographically divided into Big and Small Karoo
Karoo National Park

     the largest ecosystem in South Africa. Home of fascinating life variabilities, huge scale of wild endemic animals, e.g. black rhino, buffalo or Cape mountain zebra. There is also a wide range of different succulent plants as well as numerous small reptiles. These xerophilous plants keep water for dry spell in their above-ground succulent parts


Graaff Reinet

      city in Eastern Cape Province, the fourth oldest in South Africa.  You can find here St. James Church, the oldest original church dated from 1850. The city boasts more than 220 examples of charming Dutch architecture

Cape Town

     city famous for its world-known attraction - Table Mountain, situated in Western Cape Region Province. It has one of the most beautiful locations. There are both modern tower blocks and historical buildings bearing features of English,German or Dutch architecture. You can find there one of the largest breeding colonies of African penguins and seals
Vinyard trips in Cape Town surroundings
Cape Region
Tsitsikamma National Park

     coast reserve on Garden Route. It contains seaside reserves within 80 kilometres along the shore, offering visitors unforgettable sceneries

Addo Elephant Park

     the third largest national park in South Africa, covering around 180 000ha. As in all other reserves and parks, it focuses on preserving wide range of biodiversity, countryside, fauna and flora


     officially renamed Mbombela – the capital of Mpumalanga Province. One of the warmest South African regions. There are many antelopes, buffalos, crocodiles and hippos living in its surroundings. You can find here another beautiful National Botanical Garden. One of the most comprehensive cycad gardens in the world (cycads – woody plants of typical appearance, similar to palms with stubby trunk). Ideal conditions for growing citruses and tropical fruits, especially mango, bananas, avocado and Macadamia nuts
Hoedspruit – Dragon Mountains

     small town located in the heart of Lowveld Limpopo between Kruger National Park and Blyde River Canon, at the foot of Drakensberg. Endless views, picturesque canyons, rock formations and waterfalls. Enjoy admirable Lisboa Waterfalls, Berlin Falls or God´s Window. This is, however, just a small offer out of many other fascinating possibilities, views and experiences

     located in Limpopo Province – originally a mining town, almost bordering on the Krüger National Park. It is a cradle of famous African creamy liqueur Amarula
Krüger National Park

     world-famous national park covering the area of cca 2.2mil ha. Home of almost all animal species living in South African territory. 336 kinds of trees, 49 kinds of fish, 34 kinds of amphibians, 114 kinds of reptiles, 507 kinds of birds and 147 mammal species

     former South African province, bordered by rivers Vaal (in the south) and Limpopo (in the north). In 1994 Transvaal was divided into four provinces. In one of the main streets in the centre Tshwane,
a beautiful sandstone building houses a museum of nature history,where the visitors are welcomed by dinosaur skeletons. You can see here fossils of amphibians, fish, reptiles and plants from Karo region
Sun City

     lying in South African Northwestern Province in Pilanesberg Mountains. The largest amusement centre in the southern hemisphere, offering golf greens, large lake ideal for yachting or water skiing. Smaller visitors can enjoy water park attractions with numerous helter-skelters, pools with brakers, rain forest and other interesting attractions. Accommodation is ensured in five exclusive hotels, the best-known of which being Lost City that is considered to be the most luxurious hotel of South Africa
Pilanesberg National Park

     national Park Reserve provides home for, besides others, the „ Big Five“ – lion, buffalo, rhino, elephant and leopard. Neighbouring with Sun City


     city in the province Limpopo. Its name derives from geothermal hot springs, which are able to push out a huge amount of water (22.000 litres of 52°C hot water per hour). The water is rich in sodium chloride,calcium carbonate and mineral salts, having healing effects. Also this region can boast
the „ Big Five“. Ideal place for hiking, safari, bird watching or recreation